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Easy to install and easy to use. We have not had a problem with the cat since we started using it.


United States

“My cat is confused! He doesn’t know where the toilet paper roll went. I love my new Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover! It saved my life!”


Las Vegas, NV

mayhem stopped! Occasionally someone will “forget” to stick it back up after using the TP and we will have more white fluff to clean up. All I can say is these little covers are magical. You will not regret the purchase if you have kitties that like to have TP fun like I do. As a side note, you might just remember to notify your guests how it works. My brother visited from California and began to panic because he couldn’t find the TP! 🙂

Shannon K. Chapman

“LOVE the Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover, it has changed my life! As a long time foster kitten mom who often times keeps litters in the bathroom and who for years has not been able to have toilet paper on the roll, I am so delighted to once again enjoy the luxury of having a roll at hand…and it looks cute too! Thanks Paws-Free!”


La Jolla, CA

Our cat finds toilet paper whereever we hide it. Put it on top of the towel rack, she discovered she can pull down the towel and the toilet paper falls down. Hide it in the cupboard, she learns to open doors. We put one of these over the toilet paper, and (so far) she hasn’t even tried to get into it. Out of sight out of mind, I guess. The velcro holds well but comes off easily, and the whole thing fits well over the toilet paper.


United States

“My cat is a super sweet cat until I lock her in the bathroom, be it a party I want to protect her from (she’s fairly anti-social), or the plumber coming to fix the kitchen sink, it doesn’t matter. If I don’t let her roam the entire house, my cuddly kitty will turn into a treat-powered paper shredder. If she does it out of boredom or pure vengeance I’ll never know. But I got one of these Paws-Free TP Covers to test, and I did go through 2 entire toilet paper rolls that only I enjoyed. Bottom line: my tuxy Phoenix hates it. I like it a lot.”


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When my precious dog Sarita went to heaven, my cat Vida, a blue-cream long hair American cat, got really depressed. They were best friends…