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Our Story

How it all started...

When my precious dog Sarita went to heaven, my cat Vida, a blue-cream long hair American cat, got really depressed. They were best friends…She would come out of my bedroom, check to see if my dog was around and then go back to my bedroom day after day. Sometimes she would stay under the bed for hours. She became distant and unfriendly. 

I thought that getting a kitty would distract her, so I adopted a 1 year old red calico and named her Barbra. I had read they had to get used to each other through a fence, closed door or a cage, so I kept them separate for a couple of weeks and little by little I started to let them get closer. Unfortunately, while they were playing one day, Barbra scratched Vida’s eye and it got infected. That was the end of that relationship.  

Since the kitty had a lot of energy and wanted to play at all hours but I wasn’t available enough for her taste, she started to look for things to do: fight with the feather duster and take it apart, jump on top of the fridge and dump things from up there to see how they landed, kill my plants, eat rubber bands, check my closet and drawers and rearrange things, empty the garbage can in the kitchen and tear the window screens around the house, among other things. Well, that was until she discovered the toilet paper roll. That was the end of my sanity. She attacked the rolls like if they were vicious creatures and she did it every day for weeks. People would tell me to close the bathroom door but I only have one bathroom and that’s where the cat litter was. She destroyed dozens of toilet paper rolls.

I started to look for products to solve my problem but I found nothing. I went to hardware stores, department stores, I searched online, nothing. So I started to think about ways to protect the toilet paper. I started to experiment. I spent a lot of time on this. I needed a solution Pronto!

After a lot of research and testing, I got it! 

Here is the big news: you don’t have to stress anymore. You don’t have to waste toilet paper anymore or close the bathroom door. Paws-Free is here and available in many patterns, colors and styles. This wonderful toilet paper cover protects your toilet paper from dust, humidity, hair and many other things but most important, from those little creatures that love to destroy it. Plus it is very affordable!